Patients at risk due to telemedicine?

When most people are experiencing health problems, they will schedule an appointment with their primary care physicians. The familiarity that has been built up over time can allow doctors to quickly determine if something is out of the ordinary. The doctors know the patients’ medical histories, and the patients are comfortable with the care that they are receiving.

With all of the changes in technology, some individuals are now considering various other ways of receiving treatment when they are suffering from some type of medical condition. In some locations, patients are relying upon telemedicine to receive a diagnosis for their injuries or illnesses. In telemedicine, patients will videoconference with doctors, who then will ask the patients questions to learn more about what is happening.

More physicians are engaging in this practice to treat individuals with very serious health conditions, such as advanced heart problems or cancer. The doctors’ conference with these patients to check for changes in condition that would require hospitalization. This saves these individuals from having to travel to a doctor’s office when they are in extremely delicate condition.

Some have expressed concern over the potential problems that can arise due to the use of these practices. Doctors may not be licensed in the state where they are providing the diagnosis, which can lead to a host of legal problems for both the patients and physicians. If the doctors fail to adequately examine the patient, they could still end up facing medical malpractice lawsuits if this led to additional health concerns.

As this industry continues to grow, more places are taking steps to ensure that patients receive the same standard of care from state to state. Some licensing boards are requiring physicians that participate in telemedicine to meet basic minimum standards before they are allowed to see patients.

When you believe the care that you have received has worsened your illness or injury, you need to speak to an experienced medical malpractice attorney to review your case. Your attorney will examine the treatments that were provided, and determine if you may have claims against the medical professionals and facilities involved in your care.

These cases will often require the use of experts to testify about how the physician’s actions caused your injuries. This can be extremely complicated testimony, and it must be presented to the jury in a manner that makes it easy for them to understand. You need to be sure to work with someone who knows how to proceed with these types of cases, because if you fail to connect the injuries to the treatment you received, you may be unable to recover any compensation.