Experienced Lawyer For Victims Of Anesthesia Mistakes

Proper administration of anesthesia is an essential part of almost every significant surgical procedure. Although it is not the most prominent surgery-related risk, the consequences of an anesthesia accident can be devastating — ranging from cognitive problems to life in a vegetative state or even death.

If you or a family member has been injured and you suspect medical malpractice, please contact the Law Offices of W. Scott Sonntag, P.A., in Columbia. Our proven, respected attorney has handled many anesthesia accident cases in a career surpassing 30 years, and we are well-prepared to assess your case in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metro areas as well as throughout Maryland.

Anesthesia Negligence in Preparation, Dosage or Patient Monitoring

A patient who must have general anesthesia puts his or her life in the hands of the anesthesiologist or — commonly, today — a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) supervised by a doctor. Proper preparation, dosage and administration, and rigorous monitoring of the patient are all essential.

Our respected law firm, working closely with qualified anesthesiologists and other experts, has the experience to take strong legal action after anesthesia accidents and errors involving:

  • Failure to properly monitor the patient, while under anesthesia and in recovery — sometimes leading to severe brain injury from oxygen deprivation
  • Anesthesia overdose, with consequences that can include organ failure, coma or even death
  • Improper preparation or administration of anesthesia, including failure to account for allergies or interaction with other drugs in the patient’s system, previous detrimental experiences with anesthesia, the speed at which the medication is introduced into the system and other important concerns

Resources to Deal Capably With All Aspects of Your Medical Malpractice Case

Our medical malpractice law firm focuses on attending to all the needs and concerns of the victims and families we help. Attorney Sonntag’s work in building valid, strong cases for settlement or success at trial includes calling upon life care planners and other experts to accurately project the total, long-term costs of caring for a loved one who has suffered brain damage or other severe injuries resulting from an anesthesia-related incident.

In addition to a full-force effort to help you recover money that will help you deal with the aftermath of a tragic surgical/medication error, you can count on empathy and respect when you contact our Columbia law firm. We provide a free consultation, and we collect no lawyer fees or costs of litigation unless we win a financial settlement or verdict in your favor.