Was Your Child Injured due to Medical Malpractice?

Any serious injury to a child is a tragic event. When an injury to a child appears to have been preventable with proper medical care, the anger, sadness and sense of injustice parents and others feel are understandable.

At the Law Offices of W. Scott Sonntag, P.A., we are here to evaluate your potential child injury case and help you consider whether legal action for medical malpractice is justified. We will put our skills to work for you, beginning with a free initial consultation. Our Columbia, Maryland, firm works on a contingency fee basis, so you take no financial risk if we take your case. Our law firm handles all types of child injury and birth injury cases, including medical malpractice cases involving:

Empathy for Your Challenges, and the Skill to Obtain Results

Pediatric malpractice cases are complex for many reasons, including the fact that the victim may not understand or be able to testify about what happened. Damages and costs of care must be viewed over the child’s lifetime — and those costs can often extend beyond parents’ lifetimes. These factors make your choice of a lawyer very important.

Attorney Scott Sonntag’s record of obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients is well-known in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Maryland, legal and medical circles. Our firm’s reputation for quality preparation and integrity may be a major factor in achieving the optimal outcome: an out-of-court settlement that truly helps provide for your child.

A Strong Network of Expert Resources, Developed Over Decades

In birth injury and child injury cases, we call on qualified specialists — not only to testify on any breach of the standard of care, but to project the total costs of offering your child every opportunity for the best possible quality of life. We have close relationships with many of the finest pediatricians, life care planners, vocational rehabilitation experts and other professionals in the country.

Caring Counsel as Well as Determined Representation

We are all aware of problems in our health care system, and we know doctors and other providers make mistakes. Still, parents often cannot help feeling responsible for their child’s injury. At our firm, we provide compassion and reassurance. Mr. Sonntag will take the time to share his experience and help you understand that you are not at fault.

For legal counsel focused on your child’s future and the overall well-being of your family, we encourage you to contact our law firm in Columbia, Maryland, today.