Proven Representation In Cancer Misdiagnosis Cases

We hear the message often in public service announcements: Early detection of cancer is essential, and often the difference between survival and death. Unfortunately, we have dealt with many situations in which someone had the right test, but misdiagnosis allowed their cancer to advance.

In many cancer misdiagnosis cases, our best efforts must focus on obtaining financial redress for the family of a man or woman who has passed away. If you believe medical malpractice was a factor in the tragic situation you must cope with today, we encourage you to contact us for caring legal counsel. Our Columbia firm serves clients throughout the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metro areas as well as throughout the state of Maryland.

Experience to Build Your Case and Counter Defense Strategies

Attorney Scott Sonntag spent 17 years defending doctors, hospitals and HMOs prior to directing his efforts to recovering fair compensation for medical malpractice victims and their families. As a result, he understands defense strategies in cancer misdiagnosis cases — and how to counter them. He assesses cases thoroughly, garnering the opinions of a strong network of physicians.

Mr. Sonntag is adept at presenting compelling evidence and testimony to show:

  • Cancer was detectable with proper reading and analysis of test results
  • Misdiagnosis and the resulting failure to administer timely treatment was the difference between recovery and a wrongful death — just as all the emphasis on early detection suggests

We are prepared to evaluate all circumstances surrounding a failure to detect a brain tumor or any other type of cancer, including breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia or lung cancer. Our strong familiarity with diagnostic tests and methods enables us to pursue cases involving the “misreading” of radiology films, a blood test, mammogram, colonoscopy or any other procedure.

Mr. Sonntag’s credibility with malpractice defense lawyers and insurers is a tremendous asset in obtaining sizeable settlements. If your case is strong and the settlement offer is inadequate, we will go to trial for you, as Mr. Sonntag has done over 200 times before.

We Provide a Free Consultation, and Representation on a Contingency Fee Basis if We Take Your Case

Our law firm’s focus is on your well-being and your family’s future. When you contact us, you can depend on an honest assessment of your case, as well as genuine concern and empathy for your situation.