I recently resolved a case in which Scott was the Mediator. The case was interesting, technical, difficult, and complex on the substantive and procedural law of the case as well as the facts. The case went to mediation on June 4th and resolved today, 11 days later, directly because of Scott’s tenacity in working on the multiple Defendants in the case to get their respective acts together. Scott was fantastic and relentless. I believe he was very evenhanded in working on both sides to come to a realistic evaluation and he did so by really understanding the law and facts of the case. I believe he truly respected the Plaintiff’s bottom line number once he got us there and fought to get the case settled at that figure. I can’t say enough about his hard work in getting this case resolved (even working on it on a Sunday!) and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fair and tough mediator.



From time to time, there are discussions on this list regarding mediators. I think reporting mediator results is in many ways as important as reporting verdicts. In the past five years, Scott has mediated three cases for me with combined results in the eight-figure range. Most recently, as described by the medical malpractice carrier, “he hounded us until we saw the light.” The last case took over a year and involved two private sessions with Scott and one session sandwiched in between with a Magistrate Judge. The carrier went from a position that we will never pay “x” to paying three times that much in the end. Scott was persistent and dogged. There are a lot of mediators out there, but only a few like Scott who can regularly close the deal. This is not a paid advertisement; I too mediate these cases, so am a competitor of Scott. And no disrespect is intended for other MAJ member mediators. Just thought you should know.


We had a recent mediation with Scott, and join in Bob’s comments. Our case did not settle at the live session. Scott made a number of follow-up calls to get it done. Lesser mediators would have quit.